Immitation Jewellery

Immitation Jewellery

Immitation Jewellery Handcrafted from copper and brass the unique Creative Designs copper product range has been inspired by the sights and sounds of Ancient India. In buying these products, you are contributing to the continuation of one of India’s most traditional art forms.
These products are handcrafted by burnishing and heat-treating the metals to get the earthy colours, which make it so unique. We recommend that you polish it with a soft cloth and treat it with care and it will last forever.
Copper was an important part of the Bronze Age. Copper alloyed with Tin makes Bronze. Brass, on the other hand, is Copper, alloyed with Zinc.

American Indians of Michigan& Keweenaw Peninsula were the first to discover some of the richest copper mines in the world and are known for making copper into jewelry and tools.
Copper is thought to be strongly helpful to those suffering from arthritis. A pain-reliever, soother and conductor of healing energies.
Copper has long been associated with the planet Venus. Since Libra, the Balancer, is ruled by Venus, Copper is thought to have a balancing and stabilizing effect wherever it is placed. Since Venus is also the Goddess of Love, Copper is thought to be a powerful love charm.
Western Astrology believes Venus rules Taurus and Libra, therefore Copper is the metal associated with Taureans and Librans.

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